20 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl and Make Her Wet

June 10, 2016
By Mary

Wish to seduce a woman with words? Use these 20 dirty questions to ask a girl over text and you will make her do all the sexy, dirty talking for you personally!

Women play hard to get almost all of the time.

It’s a great thing though, or you also wouldn’t actually believe she’s worth the attempt.

But occasionally, it’s more easy to turn on a girl than date her.

She’d intuitively understand you’re hitting on her in regards to dating a girl.

If you warm her up to your flirty touches, you’ll see if she believes you’re a great guy, that seducing a girl may be fairly easy.

Once you learn how to be unobtrusive, you turn her on in just a few dialogs or even can make a girl fall for you.

But here, we’ll get to seducing a girl with just 20 easy questions, preferably via texts.

Filthy questions to ask a lady and also make her wet

It’s simple to ask these 20 questions when you’re sitting with her, but if she feels uneasy or believes you’re going too quickly or striving too hard, you might wind up screwing up your chances. And you’ll have difficulty making her enjoy you again.

On the flip side, by texting a few questions that are alluring to some woman, you can always make it seem just like a joke if she doesn’t warm up to you.

It’s easy, safe as well as a foolproof strategy to turn a girl on from a space.

Take advantage of these questions, and you might charm the pants off her and make out by the time you reach the twentieth question if you charm the lady the correct manner! [Read: How to trick a woman into thinking of you sexually after becoming close to her ]

Simply apply these questions and keep the conversation going by answering any other questions she may ask. It work out in your favor if you play it carefully and stick all.

And the best part, it’ll work wonders even if she’s a flirty woman or if she’s your girlfriend you have a crush on. Ask her these questions late at night for greatest results!


#1 Are you alone? This question is perfect to comprehend if she’s idle and all alone at home. If her friends are around her, you obviously can’t flirt or talk sex.

#2 What are you really doing right now? Play it slow and nice. This might help you be sure that she’s alone and bored enough to give her complete attention to you.

#3 Do you when you lie in bed, prefer cuddling? Without overstepping the line, warm her up to some dialog that is flirty. This can help open her up about cuddling with somebody else by talking. [Read: Get her wet and horny just by texting her the correct way!]

#4 What can you wear when you go to sleep? / What are you wearing? A curious question that’s perfect when she’s in bed already to ask a woman. It ’s private, and not overly sexual. Say something like “Gosh, I am only able to imagine how cute you look when she describes herself, now ”.

A complete beginning.

#5 What can you believe you look sexiest in? Get her to talk by talking about her hot clothing, sexual. It’s undoubtedly sexual and flattering. [Read: 10 easy moves whenever you ’re around!, to excite her ]

#6 Have you ever saw someone else make out unintentionally or on purpose? And yet, by pointing it at a third person, you’ll be able to avoid any position that is uncomfortable from the beginning.

#7 Has a man touched you or groped you while clubbing or in a busy place? Women have a matter about sexual groping. Even when it’s casual, it’s something they just don’t forget. You can answer something similar to “I wish I could happen to be after she tells you about an incident she enjoys, that guy!”. [Read: How to touch her without making it obvious and arouse her discreetly!]

#8 Have you ever made out with a man just because you’re horny at that time? Find out if she’s a girl who may be coaxed into having sex with a man in the heat of the moment.

#9 If you’d a pair of x ray spectacles, which part of a man’s body *below his shoulders* would you see? Time to get naughty. Really, how many things can a lady take a look at below a man’s shoulders? Let her answer the question so that you consistently make it seem like she’s not you and the one speaking filthy.

#10 Do you like boxers or briefs? This is really a question that is clichéd as well as if a woman doesn’t care about it, she’d most probably say that she enjoys a boxer. Answer this question by telling her what you’re wearing. The entire focus here would be to get her to think of your package without actually making it apparent. [Read: 5 reasons why men fall right into a lady’s friend zone and 6 naughty ways to escape it!]

You’re making her fantasize about sex, by requesting her to visualize making out using a guy and describe it to you.

#12 If there’s one place a man should touch one to force you to get horny, that’s that? This goes straight to sex and arousal. And if she does answer this in all probability, she’s already aroused. [Read: 10 moves – and 10 minutes Make her want to kiss you!]

The full body massage makes nearly all women wet. You always have the option to tell her something like “ Merely so that you know, I came first in my masseuse course and I want to give a massage to you. And don’t worry, now that I understand that you get horny while getting a massage, I’ll linger in all the right locations.”

#14 If I kissed your lips unintentionally while kissing adieu, can you mind it? Get her imagine your kiss. It’s a perfect question. [Read: 6 ways get away appearing cute! and to kiss a buddy inadvertently ]

#15 Do you like getting one or giving an oral? Regardless of what she replies, you can always reply with all the opposite of what she says. Say you enjoy getting it, if she enjoys giving an oral. Tell her you love giving it, if she likes getting it!

#16 How do you presume my body would look better, natural or shaved? Isn’t it a fine idea to understand that the woman you like is picturing you you ask her this question?

#17 What should a man do to allow you to get wet? Get directly to the sweet spot. And when she does answer this question, talk about question # 12 and get descriptive about her pleasure spots.

#18 If I were whispering all these questions in your ear, would you be turned on? She’s clearly wet already, if you’ve got the conversation going this far. But it always sounds a lot better hearing it in the lady you’re texting. [Read: Make a lady feel horny and wet only by casually sitting next to her]

#19 If you didn’t have a boyfriend, do you think we’d have made out with each other? / Do you believe we would have kissed each other, if I were with you right now? This question can get you but you have to wait for the final question to get an invitation from her.

#20 If a man needs to come over to your place and make out with you could you enjoy that? If you don’t previously understand she would like you to come over, don’t talk about yourself just yet. Go full speed ahead to her area, if she replies. Otherwise, play the seduction game to get a couple more minutes before telling her you need to come to her place right that instant.

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