10 School Would You Rather Questions

July 19, 2016
By Mary

Every week were publishing 10 Would You Rather questions based on different topics. This week, the questions are all relating to school and education.

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Would you rather

  1. go to school every day for rest of your own life or never have had a chance to understand anything
  2. have one teacher for all your classes who’s average or different teachers for each subject, half of whom are superb and one other half being horrible
  3. be a teacher or a principal
  4. learn Spanish or French
  5. have three months off for summer or one month off three times throughout the year
  6. have one part of homework that takes five hours to complete or five bits of assignments that each takes one hour to complete
  7. Maintain a class with 30 people or by yourself getting one to one tutoring
  8. have to wear a school uniform or have your parents pick out what you must wear each day


Discussion / Actions

These questions might be an effective way to open up a dialog about how your youth are finding the school and identifying if any of them are fighting in some way.

Should you learn that your young people are having a hard time at school, this can provide an opportunity to investigate whether there are any other programs you can supply to assist them.

For instance, if they’re fighting academically, are you really able enough to start up a homework club or connect them with individuals who will help give them someone to one tutoring?

If they’re being bullied, will there be some way you can help intervene or support the adolescent in telling their parents and/or teachers about what’s happening? Can you or someone else mentor them?

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